If you have you ever looked at your Instagram and thought “HELP” then you are probably an ideal candidate for an Instagram Audit & Strategy Session.

Maybe you have been plugging away on your Insta with little to no results or are simply wondering how or where to focus your energy. Some people think it’s luck but really there is a lot of behind the scenes strategy that goes into making a successful Instagram account.

An Instagram Audit followed by a strategy session is a fast and easy way to get an extra set of trained eyes to look at your overall Instagram to see what is working, what isn’t and how to improve your account.

During your Instagram Review

Every Instagram audit starts with me investing time to thoroughly review your account personally. I take into consideration everything from hashtag use, bio, logo, branding, content, followers, engagement and call to action conversions. During the audit I take notes detailed about my findings to discuss with you during your strategy session.

During the strategy session

I then meet with you virtually via a private Zoom for a one hour strategy session. During the session I break down my 8 point Instagram success blueprint and make recommendations for your account based on each one of the 8 success points. At the end of the audit and strategy session you will leave with a specific goals, focus and action steps to improve your Instagram account.

Continuing on Instagram without goals or a solid strategy is like trying to loose weight without counting calories or working out, it will take forever and is unlikely to give you the result you desire. Get your Instagram fit as a fiddle by booking your Instagram Audit & Strategy Session today for an investment of just $499

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