Business Guide to Influencer Marketing

In todays modern world a new lucrative type of marketing has emerged called Influencer Marketing. This is where certain individuals are known to have an influencer over an audience of followers in a certain niche. This influencer can often be a great match for a partnership with a marketer who wants to reach that same desired audience with a product or service. If your ready to level up your marketing game and cash in on how to Profit with Partnerships this book is for you.
You’ll learn:
  1. Influencer Marketing 411
  2. Tips & Tools to Find Influencers
  3. Influencer Pitching Tips
  4. Influencer Etiquette: P’s & Q’s
  5. Relationship Building 
  6. Creative Partnership Ideas


Action Plan: List

Check List: Other Products and Services

Digital Ebook- $9.99 (US)